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Production teams called out for carelessness

The local production teams behind hit drama series “Castaway Diva” and the third season of reality show “Unexpected Business" recently issued official apologies for lack of caution while shooting their projects.

Controversy erupted Monday afternoon when a resident of Jeju Island shared that the production team of “Castaway Diva” had left a pile of stones near Hwanguji Coast in Seogwipo, in the south of the island.

The props were used to shoot a scene in which the female lead makes an SOS emergency sign with stones.

The “Castaway Diva” production team admitted its fault and lack of respect for Jeju Island’s nature on Tuesday.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. The team was informed that the drama shooting would take place at areas around the beach. But, we were not careful enough to consider our actions amid and after the shoot. We promise to restore everything in order as soon as possible,” the drama production team said in an apology statement.

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